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Complete the form on this page to reserve your Free Reimbursement Readiness Assessment to learn:

  1. Where are your reimbursement income leaks, and how critical are they?
  2. How can you better protect every penny of your prescription income?
  3. What is the organizational impact and ROI of employing various pre- and post-edit structures?

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A Reimbursement Value Expert will contact you shortly to schedule your Reimbursement Readiness Assessment*: a custom, consultative evaluation of your pharmacy billing operations with an estimated value of $500.

A Readiness Assessment for Script-IQ™ and EditRx has helped pharmacies like yours:  

  • Clean up and maximize reimbursements to scale the business.
  • Enable business expansion by preparing the organization to service even more patients with complex billing processes.
  • Reduce hidden operational costs when scaling teams by mitigating common errors as those newer, greener team members are onboarded and trained.
  • Save team members time and stress, freeing them up to do higher-value, more fulfilling work.

Why Script-IQ™ and EditRx for Reimbursement Optimization?

  • As an extension of MHA, Script-IQ™ and EditRx are uniquely designed with MHA members’ continued growth and success in mind. Through these solutions, we can more quickly catch errors, rectify issues, and troubleshoot technical questions than other providers by virtue of our familiarity with your pharmacy’s unique business model.
  • Script-IQ™ is Long-Term-Care-native, allowing us to deliver the pre- and post-edits most relevant to your bottom line, not edits that sit unused “on the shelf”.
  • Script-IQ™’s solution is designed specifically to meet the needs of busy, growing pharmacy operations, offering streamlined access to high-return edits free from distracting and irrelevant bells and whistles.
  • EditRx brings transparency to reimbursement and profit impact even when the claim was billed correctly. Payer and Purchasing challenges are exposed with it’s unique reporting structure and best practice recommendations.
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Ready to Transform your Billing Efficiency?

*This offer is for MHA members only. MHA reserves the right to evaluate and approve each request before performing a Reimbursement Readiness Assessment.

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