Home Medical Equipment Provider

Home Medical Equipment Provider


Explore how you can benefit from these Home Medical Equipment Provider Solutions:


The expertise and service you know. Dedicated to deliver excellent value through home medical equipment contracts 

You might be familiar with MHA’s commitment to serving our long-term care pharmacy members and anticipating their needs, offering competitive rates and favorable terms with a full line of contracts for pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and business products and services.

But did you know that Home Medical Equipment (HME) providers have the opportunity to experience our signature commitment to deliver excellent value and enable the success of our members?

A dedicated HME group purchasing organization 

MHA serves our HME members by providing a customized range of contracts through The MED Group, an MHA Company.

The MED Group offers a powerful combination of deep market experience and a forward looking, proactive approach to sustain performance in a dynamic market. Members gain access to competitive pricing and discounts on a broad range of products and services, as well as payer contracts covering more than 153 million payer lives.

Expert account management 

Members receive personalized assistance from industry experts, to share business reviews, update staff on industry changes and best practices, introduce new business partners and explore opportunities for diversification.

Anticipating and addressing changes in market dynamics

As for anticipating the legislative and payment models developments that might affect the HME market - our Legislative Affairs and ACO Network teams provide you with a range of updates, information and advocacy resources.

Visit www.medgroup.com to find out how we deliver excellent value for HME providers.


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