Managed Care Network

Managed Care Network

Supporting you with the broadest payor access and contracts that recognize the level of the care you provide

Founded as the first Medicare Part D network for independent long term-care pharmacies, the MHA Managed Care Network combines unparalleled payor access with negotiated long-term contracts that not only secure current rates and terms but also recognize the unique service model of long-term care pharmacies.

More than 1,500 long-term care pharmacies are enrolled in the MHA Managed Care Network. For these members, MHA network contracts provide access to more than 90% of benchmarked prescription drug plans (PDPs) and more than 95% of Medicare Advantage–Prescription Drug (MA–PD) plans in the country.

The MHA Managed Care Network offers multiple benefits –

  • Access to competitive network contract portfolios
  • Access to the PDPs and MA–PDs to which your patients subscribe
  • Contracted reimbursements at long-term care rates and multi-year terms

Add to this the tools and services you’ve come to expect from an industry leading company that’s spent 30 years serving our long-term care pharmacy members and anticipating their needs: MHA’s account dedicated resources and Managed Care Network team work seamlessly with your staff members.


To find out how joining the first and largest Medicare Part D network for independent long-term care pharmacies can help secure your access to payors and competitive contracts.